Employment Information

  • Talented

  • BTS takes into consideration of one’s passion and challenge. We are looking for talented people who can maintain and improve best teamwork among employees based on passion, challenge, and humble attitude.


Evaluation : performance assessment of the corresponding year, carried out in 6 months / 1 year basis

  • Wage

  • Annual income monthly pay (graded payment depending on one’s position and performance) Special allowance is given depending on different tasks, extra payment is given for extra-time work / Incentive Profit sharing depending on the evaluation for 1 year company management (0 ~ 100% of annual income)

  • Welfare

    • Company Condo Operations

      Membership resort provided by company

    • Fellowship Support

      Club activity

    • Fitness support

      Personal physical training

    • Captain Support

      Congratulations and condolences

    • Education Support

      Education cost

    • Health screenings

      Physical examination

    • Employee Individual Accident Insurance Support (by Department)

      Accident insurance for each employee
      (for each department)

    • Company Dormitory Support

      Company Dormitory

    E-Mail : wooyul.seo@btsfa.com / Tel. : 031-554-4761~2