• Initial stage PLC was part of automation device that was needed for small-scale device control. Depending on the product performance, current PLC is not confined to small-scale device control and it is being applied and stably operating in different kinds of plant control operation. Having been recognized of its convenience, stability, and reliability while operation in industrial site, it is currently being used as replacement product for DCS, which is integrated operation control facility in the plant. Expandability of product and convenience in purchase and operation are some of the strong points of PLC. By selecting optimal PLC and using site experience that has been accumulated over several years, BTS is providing the most effective and suitable PLC plant automation system depending on the business environment and requirement from the customers.


  • It is monitoring system that can collect, monitor, and control operation data of the facilities that are installed in remote distance using different kinds of communication devices. It is widely being used in different areas such as energy, gas, electric power, and water power generation. BTS is providing product and solution that are suitable for customer site by using PLC, RTU, and flux computer.


  • It is a program for monitoring and controlling different kinds of measuring devices used in industrial site using central monitoring device. BTS has provided HMI software to metering system used in Korea Gas Corporation, power plant, steel plant, oil plant, and other automation factory and is continuously carrying out maintenance.


  • As LNG import becomes more diversified, importing natural gas and bio-gas should be able to maintain certain level of heat that can be suitable for domestic fuel-use natural gas standard. BTS has established heat control facility in Korea Gas Corporation Incheon Base LNG Terminal and bio-gas power plant located in Goyang and Chungju. Beyond accomplishing delivery, it is continuously carrying out maintenance work.