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  • By acquiring the project that aimed to upgrade flux computer used in commercial-use turbine metering system based on the experience of localization in orifice metering system software used in Korea Gas Corporation, BTS is establishing integrated software used for urban gas turbine flux computer that are currently installed in Korea Gas Corporation. Turbine metering system, which has been used previously, only measured the volume in natural gas transaction. As transaction became more diversified, volume is changed depending on the natural gas composition and transaction unit has been changed to heat unit. As of 2012, measurement for natural gas depended on heat unit instead of using volume. BTS has developed monitoring and maintenance software that can be used for connecting natural gas analyzer with metering computer and this has replaced some of the products that have been previously imported from overseas companies. Due to deteriorated orifice measurement system used for natural gas measurement, Korea Gas Corporation has adopted ultrasonic wave metering system as of 2011. Software should be developed for carrying out diagnosis, recording, and maintenance on the monitoring program and other measuring devices.

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  • 1. Turbine & Ultrasonic Wave Metering System Software Development

    -It has aimed for replacing previous turbine metering system with localization in maintenance software. By continuously updating the requirements and problems that are requested by customers, it aims to secure stability and reliability.

    -By developing the software used for metering system based on heat measurement of ultrasonic wave measuring device, which will be used by Korea Gas Corporation as first time in Korea, it aims to provide ultrasonic wave metering system to domestic construction companies and overseas LNG plant.

    2. Natural Gas Quality Management System Package

    -As sales of domestic natural gas becomes more diversified, heat monitoring and moisture and harmful substance analysis among natural gas component will be carried out using different kinds of analyzers. It aims to develop the package that can be used for data storage, management, and monitoring with some main collaborating companies in overseas.

    3. Localization and Development of I/O Server Dedicated for Metering System

  • Research Task


  • 1. Quick Open Closure

    -It can be applied to high pressure pipe and pressure vessel and attached in horizontal and vertical way. Also, this can be opened and closed within 1 minute without using some special tool. Also, it is interlinked with pressure warning device when the door is opened and closed.

    2. Pipeline Casing Insulators & End Seals

    -Casing insulator is used for applying electrical insulation and supporting casing pipe that passes through river, canal, bridge, highway, and railway to prevent corrosion.