• Generally, analysis on gas component is carried out for business transaction and quality maintenance. Rosemount natural gas analysis device has been designed for the application field where threshold gas measurement is required. Based on the experience that has been accumulated over several years, BTS has been providing optimal solution fitting to customer's requirement such as commercial-use C6+ BTU/CV, C9+ analysis used for calculating dew point on the hydrocarbon, fine contamination material monitoring for achieving integrity in the pipeline (including C6+ H2S), solution product that is customized for LNG or NGL, and gas analysis device.

  • On Line Gas Chromatograph

  • Certain level of moisture exists on hydrocarbon products and moisture in the fluid has influence on the energy, corrosion, and quality. In order to more accurately and stably analyze the process parameter, amount of moisture existing in the fluid should be measured to calculate the intended data. By providing dew point & moisture analyzer based on long experience and innovative technology, it aims to provide optimal solution that can calculate the data that are intended by the customers.

  • Dew Point&Moisture Analyzer

  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

    Even if certain plant facility is related to extreme or fastidious process condition, human life and facility safety are most important element and value. Ultrasonic wave gas leakage detector uses acoustic sensor to recognize the noise change that cannot be detected using hearing sense in the process environment. Sensor and electronic device can be used for detecting ultrasonic wave frequency (25 ~ 100KHz) excluding audible frequency (0 ~ 25KHz). Unlike previous gas detector that measures accumulated gas amount, ultrasonic wave gas detector "hears" the leakage and operates early stage warning system. Flame detector detects flame using optical technology. Flame is known to emit infrared light (IR), visible ray, and ultraviolet light (UV) electromagnetic radiation depending on the fuel source. Accordingly, optical flame detecting technology has been developed for using UV, UV/IR, and multiple spectrum infrared light. To determine whether the flame exists, this product group is depending on the visual ray detection from the radiation that has been emitted from spectrum. Integrated monitoring system for flame and gas can be used for simplification in general operation so that excellent performance can be achieved in most fastidious condition. Also, it has been designed to safely protect most important employees.

  • LPG Bellows Type Constant Cylinder (Model : BCPC)

    Depending on the gas type, volatility may be different for petrochemical product and volatile organic compound, so the liquid and air exist together in the room temperature. For many cases, content of the mixture component is accurately adjusted for managing the quality of the product. So, using proper amount of standard gas is very important for accurate analysis. In case of filling standard gas using general gas cylinder, filling pressure should be lowered in the cylinder for preventing liquefaction of gas cylinder and accurately maintaining intended content ratio. However, if standard material having low filling pressure is used, absolute filling amount is low in the cylinder, so the standard material can be consumed in short period of time during measurement and measurement error may be occurred while injecting the sample. Bellows type static pressure cylinder cannot be exposed to mutual leakage and contamination between two chambers in separated cylinder, it can be optimal for the standard material that has been mixed with 1st liquid that requires high-level of accuracy. Co-developed with Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, this new technology product, in which BTS holds utility model rights, can be optimal for satisfying customer's requirement.

  • Calibration Gas

    Calibration gas is a standard gas or gas compound that is used for comparison standard in the analysis device such as gas analyzer or gas detector. Therefore, composition ratio of calibration gas should be similar with the gas that is being actually used and reliability should be recognized for the composition ratio. Also, calibration gas should be traceable in accordance with the national or international standard. BTS has built collaborating system with Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science and provides delicate standard gas having international traceability.

  • High pressure compressed LNG is sent to the carburetor, and the vaporized LNG is supplied to homes or power plants that require natural gas. The vaporizer used at this time is an important factor in providing liquefied leading gas sampling. The vaporizer supplied by BTS is designed to ensure complete vaporization, producing a gas mixture with exactly the same composition as the liquid sample and preventing the outflow of LNG. In addition, system control automatically starts sampling when the proper conditions are reached and stops in dangerous situations.

  • LNG Vaporizer

  • A+ Genie Sampling Products

    When extracting sample from natural gas, liquid that is transported from pipeline to sample extracting system has direct influence to the accuracy of analysis on component and it may lead to damage on the analyzer, so this kind of liquid should be prevented. In accordance with the industrial standard, device for removing liquid in the sample should be operated under proper liquid temperature and pressure condition. Genie® Probes™ has applied Genie® Membrane Technology™ to the pipeline for separating unnecessary liquid and particle from gas sampling under proper liquid temperature and pressure condition in order to comply with industrial standard. BTS, as the sole agent in Korean market, is providing optimal solution that is fitting to customer's needs and requirements.


  • It is used for accurately measuring the oxygen in combustion air that is released in every combustion process. Accurately measuring excessive amount of oxygen can be important for optimizing combustion response, reducing energy cost, improving safety, and reducing exhaust gas. Strong oxygen sensor and automatic calibration function that are provided by BTS analyzer can be useful in reducing the overall operation stop time and maintenance time.

  • O2 Analyzer

  • pH is an index that indicates how much hydrogen ion (H+) exists in the water. It is generally used for indicating the level of acidity and alkalinity. It is important element that is being applied in almost every industrial field. By providing pH analyzer and analysis system, BTS provides optimal solution that is fitting to customer's needs and requirements.

  • pH Analyzer

  • It is analysis device used for analyzing and monitoring odor component in natural gas and LPG in real-time. It is gas analyzer that is composed of compression separation column and special electrochemical detector. Odor online has been designed and manufactured based on DIN 51855 Part 7 and ISO 19739, so reference procedure related to odor control is required in accordance with DVGW worksheet G280.

  • Ordorant Analyzer