• In compressors and pump packages, which are essential for petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, water treatment and nuclear power plants, the initial starting current of the motor is a big factor in substation capacity. ATB Laurence Scott's Low Start Current motors can help you save money by reducing your substation capacity by using about three times the initial starting current of normal operation. BTS is a domestic dealer of ATB Laurence Scott and supplies high quality motors including ATB Laurence Scott's medium / high voltage induction motors and explosion-proof motors that can be used in hazardous areas. (Low Start Current Motor / Explosion-proof Type Motor).

  • ATB Laurence Scott Motor

  • BTS Co., Ltd. provides safe and economical explosion protection when non-explosion proof equipment should be installed in hazardous area. By providing a safe area within the explosion-proof enclosure, the function of the equipment can be performed normally while the equipment can be used within the hazardous area. The explosion-proof purge panel uses accessories from the purge / positive pressure device from our partner Pepperl + Fuchs, which offers the following benefits: 1) Install the universal device in a protected enclosure and use it safely in a hazardous area 2) Eliminates flammable gases collected inside the enclosure and prevents flammable gases or dust from accumulating inside the positive pressure enclosure 3) One of the biggest benefits of purging / positive pressure is the use of standard type 4/12 enclosures as protected enclosures. Save cost, weight and space compared to other explosion proof methods. BTS Co., Ltd. can supply all the purge and positive pressure equipment according to customer's request, and the system and solution provided by BTS enables the design of enclosure customized to customer's specification.

  • Explosion-proof Purge Panel

  • Equipment obsolescence can, if not properly managed, cause damage to commercial aspects such as operational and monetary losses. In order to prevent the damage caused by unexpected aging of equipment, BTS Co., Ltd. provides support for the management of aging in all directions including maintenance and performance improvement of customer equipment. Guide to various industrial standards and regulations Independent and leading expertise supports continuous monitoring of equipment, including meters, valves, flow computers, control systems, supervisory computers and Windows operating systems. Quarterly reports from Technical Support are available as part of our aging management services. We manage and monitor the condition of our equipment to support the decision making process in a timely manner.

  • Anti-Corrosion Pipe Tape

  • Probe claning pad is a product used to remove substances on the tip of the probe, and can be cleaned smoothly and efficiently.

  • Probe Cleaning Pad

  • P+F Process Automation Products

    Pepperl+Fuchs is a company specialized in providing automation device in wide range of industrial area and it has been supplying the product related to safety in risk area for the past several years. Pepperl+Fuchs products, which has been based on professionalism, provides complete automation solution needed for process autoamtion industry. It provides HMI for risk environment such as in fundamental safety insulator, barrier, signal conditioner, fieldbus technology, remote I/O, HART interface, level measurement, and purge and pressure system and provides customized cabinet and junction box. Also, it is providing customized sollution that is fitting to different kinds of application field (including oil and gas industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and waste water treatment facility) and component that has been verified for process industry all over the world.

  • Explosion-proof Smar t Phone/PC/Tablet PC

    In accordance with the current law, electronic devices that are not applied with explosion-proof are strictly prohibited from usiing in certain process area in oil, chemistry and gas plant where risk of explosion exists all the time. If mobile phone or tablet PC falls and impact has been applied, it may lead to battery explosion and fire accident. Therefore, holding and using electronic devices that are not applied with explosion-proof measures in process area are prohibited by laws. In most of the work sites, workers are using explosion-proof walkie-takie to make communication with each other. Product lie explosion-proof smart phone and tablet PC can be useful for improving communication, accuracy, reliability, and stability in the process and for complementing the limitations of explosion-proof walkie-talkie.