• Custody Transfer Metering

    Commercial-use metering facility requires reliability, accuracy, and fairness for supplier depending on its purpose. According to its name 'Cash Register', this system should be able to provide profit sharing based on the trust to business transactions. As of its establishment, BTS has been continuously supplying commercial-use measurement system and measurement and metering system that are specialized to different kinds of companies such as Korea Gas Corporation, power plant and chemical plant, and LNG ship manufacturing companies and it has been recognized of its technology and reliability.

  • Governor System Package

    High pressure natural gas, which is being transported in urban gas pipe system, requires series of procedure for lowering the pressure that is needed by urban gas company and power plant for the safety and convenience. In order to achieve this goal, management center has been installed in each demanding point to prevent and block the accident. Based on its excellent technology, BTS is providing package-type facility and system that includes pressure regulator and governer piping skid.

  • Flow measurement is important variable that is used for measuring fluid in the plant and general industry. Different devices like Coriolis, differential, vortex, electron, ultrasonic wave, turbine, and volumetric displacement meter can be used for accurate measurement. BTS, a company specialized in flow measurement, provides optimized solution that is fitting to customer's requirement and purpose based on know-how and excellent technology that have been accumulated over long experience.

  • Flow Meters

  • Pressure, temperature and level measurement acts as important variable for measuring different process parameter in the plant and general industry. Rosemount & Trade provides best solution that is optimized for measurement in harsh environment based on 50 years of experience. BTS provides the product that is optimized for improvement in productivity, quality, energy management, and safety and fitting to customer's purpose and requirement.

  • Pressure, Temperature & Level Transmitter

  • Radar Level Transmitter

    Radar-type Rosemount radar level gauge provides accurate data for commercial-use transportation, inventory management, and loss control. This gauge measures every product ranging from crude oil to asphalt and liquefied gas and has acquired certificate from various kinds of national organizations such as SIL 2, SIL 3, and OIML that can prevent excessive charging. By providing good quality of product such as Rosemount radar-type measuring device, in which its excellent technology has been recognized, BTS provides optimized solution to the customers.

  • Blending system exists in every manufacturing process that can manage entire process leading from incoming of raw materials to manufacturing and shipment of product. This kind of facility should be able to guarantee reliability and safety for its quality depending on its purpose and it should be designed while considering customers convenience. Based on excellent designing capability, BTS is providing product that is fitting to customers requirement and it has been recognized of its technology and reliability based on this.

  • Loading & Unloading, Blending system