• QHSE

    • We have established quality, health, safety, and environment management system for more effectively fulfilling customers’ requirement and expectation and making overall improvement in the company. By fostering QHSE culture inside the company, we have succeeded in achieving ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 international standard. BTS is systematically operating every work activity based on each process and trying its best for complying with applicable environment and legal requirements.

    • Quality

    • According to requirement from ISO 9001, all of the employees are trying their best for achieving its goal and continuously improving its efficiency. It aims to provide the product that can fulfill customers’ requirement by fostering management capabilities and building reliability by providing long-term and practical training. BTS will make continuous development in quality management system in order to become global leading company.

    • Health, Safety
      And Environment

    • BTS should be able to guarantee safe environment for the employees and many people visiting the facilities. For successfully managing health and safety problem and reducing the level of risk to minimum level, BTS is monitoring the contamination that is a threat to every accident and health. We promise to comply with every legal regulation that is applied to BTS system.